Mosman Photography Awards 2021

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The Awards

The Mosman Photography Awards 
aim to encourage the use of 
photography as a creative medium 
for the making of traditional 
and contemporary images.

The Competition is open
not only to amateur photographers
who are residents of  Australia or New Zealand, but this year we will be including an open category available for professionals.

To qualify for the Youth Category 
an applicant must be 18 years
or younger and be enrolled in 
a School or Place of Education

Entrants in the  Open Categories 
who would like professional feedback
on their work may obtain a written 
Submission Review from one
of the judges.

A Changed World

There is no time limit on
when images were captured,
which enables back catalogues of overseas travels to be explored.

We need to continue to look at the world around us with new eyes,  so that we can present the ordinary 
in a new or extraordinary way.

The Categories


To be announced


To be announced

The Judges

The Prizes

The final prize pool will be announced
over the coming weeks.

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