The Mosman Photography Awards 2022
Terms + Conditions


1.    The Mosman Photography Awards is open to 
amateur and professional photographers.

The Open Section in the Open Category,
has no age or experience restriction, and
is the only Section available to professional
photographers to submit an image to the
Awards competition.  

For the purposes of this competition, an amateur
photographer is defined as someone who has earned
less than $5,000 from photography sales, and
commissions over the 12 months prior to entering
this competition.

2.    The Mosman Photography Awards is open to
citizens and residents of Australia and New Zealand. 
In order to receive a prize, winners must supply an
Australian or New Zealand residential mailing address.
For the purposes of this competition, a resident
is defined as a person who has lived in Australia or
New Zealand for at least 6 months prior to entering
this competition.

3.    The Youth Award Category of
The Mosman Photography Awards,  is open to
students who are resident of Australia and
New Zealand. For the purpose of this competition,
a student is defined as a person 18 years or younger
at the time of entering this competition, enrolled at
a School or Place of Education. Entrants to the youth
category are also eligible to enter the
open category sections.

4.    An entrant may enter more than one eligible section
within a category. A maximum of 3 entries within a
section are available.

5.    Members of the organising committee of the
Mosman Camera Club or
The Mosman Photography Awards,
are not permitted to enter the competition.

Image Requirements

6.    There is no time limit for when images
were captured, or elements created. 

Maximum image dimensions are :
Width 1920 Pixels 
Height 1200 Pixels
with a maximum file size of 2Mb.

7.    If a digital image is shortlisted for an award, the
photographer will be contacted by the organising
committee and asked to submit a RAW or
unedited file to confirm authorship.
If the photographer is unwilling or unable
to supply a RAW or unedited file, the image
will be deemed ineligible for an award.

8.    The Open Landscape and Art Sections
require a portfolio of three (3) images
relevant to the category. Entries with
less than three images will not be
considered for an award.

9.  Images must be free of watermarks and text.
Images with watermarks or text will not be considered.

10.  All elements within a photograph must have been
photographed by the entrant. Submitted images
must be 100% photographic in origin, including textures,
backgrounds, skies, borders or the like. The use of
stock images or clip art is not permitted.
Images not complying with requirements
will be deemed ineligible for an award.

11.  Digital images submitted in the Youth Category
may be captured using a camera or a smartphone.

12.  Composite images are ineligible in the
Animals and Birds sections of each category.

13.  Images of nudes, violence or drug taking are not eligible.
Entrants are reminded that all images may be viewed by
the general public and persons under the age of 18 years
of age, and should be censored accordingly.
The organising committee reserves the right to exclude
an image they deem inappropriate for public display.


14.  Entrants retain copyright of their images.
By entering the competition, entrants provide
Mosman Photography Awards, Mosman Camera Club
and media partners for the Mosman Photography Awards
a limited use authorisation to publish entered photos
for the purpose of promoting and recording
The Mosman Photography Awards.

Images will be credited with the name of the photographer
when used in any publicity or publication associated with
the competition.

15.  The entrant must be the creator and copyright owner
of any images entered into the competition.

16.  All post production, editing and processing
must be the work of the entrant.

17.  The entrant is responsible for obtaining relevant
model and / or property releases.


18.  YOUTH

a.    Animals and Birds
b.    Open

19.  OPEN

a.    Open
b.    Monochrome
c.    Animals and Birds
d.    Smartphones 

e.    Art
f.     Landscape

21.  Composite images may be submitted
in the Categories 18(b), 19(a) 19(b), 19(d) 20(e) and 20(f).

22.  The Youth Category Animals and Birds includes 
reptiles and domestic animals such as dogs, cats and
trained horses. The subject can be photographed
in the wild or in captivity.

23. The Open Category Animals and Birds includes 
reptiles. The subject can be photographed in the wild
or in captivity. The Category excludes domestic animals
such as dogs, cats and trained horses.

24. Images submitted may contain
the following techniques :

a.    Cropping
b.    Dust Spot Removal
c.    Stitched panorama
d.    Focus Stacking
e.    Exposure Blending
f.     Adjustment of noise, sharpness,
colour, tone and contrast
g.    Dodging and burning
h.    Black and White conversions
i.     Digital Lens Corrections

25.  For the purposes of this competition the
Landscape Category includes Natural, Urban,
and Seascape. Aerial images may also be
entered in this category.

26.  Aerial images submitted into the Open Landscape
Categories, may be taken from within a fixed wing aircraft,
helicopter or by using a drone.

27. The author of an image submitted to the competition
that was captured using a drone, warrants to the
Organising Committee that all CASA regulations
were complied with during the flight of the drone
when the image was captured. Images that do not
comply with this requirement will be deemed ineligible.


28.  Entries will be shortlisted by the judges.

29.  The judges will assess the shortlisted entries
and determine the top 5 entries in each category.
The entrants of the top 5 entries in each category will be
contacted by email and requested to submit data to confirm
authorship of the submitted image and compliance with
any category requirements. Should the entrant be unwilling
or unable to confirm compliance and/or authorship,
a replacement top 5 entry will be selected and confirmed.
The winner of each category will be selected from the
top 5 compliant entries selected by the judges.

30.  The decisions of the Judges and The Mosman Photography
committee  are final and no further correspondence
will be entered into.


31.  The top 10 entries in each category will be
contacted by email and advised of their shortlisting.

32.  The top 10 shortlisted entries in each category
shall be displayed on The Mosman Photography Awards
website, Instagram and Facebook pages prior to
the Award winner being announced.

33.  The top 5 shortlisted entries in each category
will be printed and displayed at the Awards Presentation
Event. Authors of the shortlisted entries will be
contacted by the organising committee to supply a
high resolution file suitable for printing.

With the exception of the smartphone section
in the Open Category, and images captured using
a smartphone in the Youth Category, the digital file
provided for printing should be for an image capable
of printing at a minimum size of 400mm x 400mm
at a resolution of 300dpi, to a maximum size of
400mm x 574mm at a resolution of 300dpi.

Should the entrant be unwilling or unable to provide
a high resolution file for printing, a replacement
top 5 entry will be selected and confirmed.


34.  Prizes for the winning entry in each category
are subject to availability, and are not transferable
or exchangeable, and cannot be taken as cash.
If a prize is unavailable, the competition organisers
reserve the right to substitute the prize with a prize
of a similar value and / or specification.

35.  The competition organisers take no responsibility
for prizes damaged or lost in transit.


36.  Entrants who would like feedback on their work,
may obtain a written Review of their submission from
one of the judges, by paying an additional fee
over and above the entry fee, as shown on the entry form.
The written Review will provide critical and
constructive feedback, and is aimed at helping
the entrant in assessing their images for
submission in future photo competitions.


37.  The competition closes 12pm on Sunday 31st July, 2022
No responsibility is accepted for late, lost, delayed
or misdirected entries.

38.  Entry fees are non-refundable.

39.  The entrant indemnifies The Mosman Photography Awards,
Mosman Camera Club and media partners against any claim,
legal or otherwise, that may arise out of the publication
of their images.

40.  The Mosman Photography Awards committee reserves
the right to disqualify any entry deemed to be in breach
of the Terms and Conditions of thecompetition.

41.  By entering The Mosman Photography Awards,
the entrant guarantees to the organising committee
that all the Terms and Conditions of the competition
have been met.  Any entry found to breach the Terms
and Conditions of the competition will be disqualified
and if prizes have been awarded, all prizes are to be
returned to the organising committee
of The Mosman Photography Awards.

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