Glenn Mckimmin

Glenn Mckimmin is a professional landscape photographer
from Australia with 15 years of diverse industry experience.
He loves what he does for a living and generously helps
others discover the life-changing benefits of photography.

Glenn and his camera have captured awe-inspiring images
across a spectrum of countries including New Zealand,
Slovenia, Bhutan, Canada, Ireland, England, Turkey,
Syria, Norway, Austria, France, Italy, Mongolia, Kamchatka,
India, Sri Lanka, UAE and the USA. When he's not covered
in colour at India's Holi festival, Glenn loves to shoot local –
Australian coastal and alpine scenes underpin his portfolio.

The accomplishments extend beyond a stunning suite
of images – Glenn manages several pioneering businesses
within the photographic industry, all geared toward
appreciating the dynamic art of photography.

He's Director of Created for Life, a specialist printing
and framing lab. He's also Founding Director of
Fotoworkshops, an Aussie-based luxury photo tour
company he launched in 2008. To date, Glenn has
arranged savvy experts to lead photo tours to more than
25 colourful, pristine or wild countries across the globe.

In 2018, Glenn founded Aperture Australia, the country's
first, (and the hemisphere's largest) immersive photography
conference. He believes there are lessons to be learnt from
every level of experience – so, as Director, he's placing
amateur talent and award-winning photographers
in one room to boost the industry as a whole.

As a proud Fuji X Ambassador and Chromajet Ambassador,
Glenn is focused on building a colourful legacy. His actions
illustrate a commitment to sharing knowledge of the craft
with others, rather than simply collecting trophies for the shelf.
Once a passionate rugby player planning to work in PR,
Glenn has now established a trademark photographic style
shaped by his time training with industry legends.
One of the greatest influencers was his uncle –panoramic
landscape photographer Ken Duncan. After many hours
waiting in the wilderness, Ken taught Glenn the grand reward
of persistence: when everyone else has given up,
you stay stay put to capture that golden shot!

Originally from Manly, Sydney, Glenn now calls the
beautiful Central Coast home. Based in the beachside
suburb of Terrigal, he finds daily inspiration on his doorstep...
plus many opportunities to play soccer with his awesome son,
Xavier! But his work is also motivated by a family tragedy
– losing his sister to suicide. To fathom a world without Cherie,
Glenn learnt to feel his way day by day from behind the lens.
Today, Glenn considers his finest work a tribute to her beauty
and the unimaginable power of the medium to create
connection where it may otherwise be lost.

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